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July 20, 2007


Michael Pachter

Howard, I'd speak to you if you called, too. If you have a problem with what Kotaku prints, take it up with them. I think you're out of line attacking me personally because Kotaku finds what I have to say interesting.

Maybe if you had something more interesting to say, you'd have as many readers as Kotaku . . . At least they're not jerks.


Well, I have to say you're a jerk, too. You can't even read a blog and get the writer's name right. An analyst should pay attention to detail. Obviously, you don't.

Michael Pachter

"Howard" was a hybrid of "Harold" and "coward". It was intended to be humorous. Obviously, the attempt at humor failed ;-)

And as a journalist, you should get your facts straight. I never called you a jerk, you inferred that. On the other hand, you called me an idiot, a jerk, and loud-mouthed.

Please feel free to google my name and compare to the dozens of other interesting analysts. I have never called a blogger or a journalist; they call me. And somehow, by a ratio of something like 10:1, they find me interesting.

Of course, you're entitled to your opinion. I just find your ad hominem invective tiresome, quite offensive, and out of line. Again, if you ever want to speak, I'll take your call.


I don't converse to people who make the egregious number of mistakes that you do in your prose. Those mistakes are indicative of a problem that's far greater and far deeper than words.


Michael Pachter is cool Harold. Everyone has their own opinion, but don't go bashing him for being on Kotaku....Stop being an idiot yourself.


I'll borrow strongly here from a poster over at n4g.com

Pachter wrongly stated the reason GTAIV was delayed was because of issues of working with the PS3. I say wrong for two reasons.

First, few companies have more experience in working with Sony's dev kits from various generations than Rockstar and they had one of the first PS3 kits on the planet. Even Rockstar themselves say the PS3 version is only a week or two behind the 360 version. By stating his reason for the delay is the PS3 he is saying Rockstar is a liar. They are not. Hence, Pachyderm is wrong.

Second it is wrong because his loudmouthed unfounded allegations cost decent people money. For someone that works in the industry of finance he is a wildcard jackass that should be fired. Hence he is wrong for moral reasons.

On to more facts. In the development of GTAIV. what is the single largest problem that has surfaced? And by surfaced I mean exposed by someone that knows. Not a Wall Street worm, but exposed by someone within the confines of Take 2 or Rockstar that is close to the project. Not an 'unnamed source' but rather a person with a name and a face. What is it? I will tell you.

The main problem that has surfaced was the issue with development limitations due to the Xbox360 factor of no HDD and only standard DVD. Who brought those issues to light? Rockstar. Someone that actually knows. Hence Pachter is wrong...again.

But what does Pachter claim? Let's look at his recent statements:

"I think twice before I say something bad about Microsoft"

Or better yet:

"Even when I'm critical of something their doing I try to frame it in positive terms"

Pachter's comments are worthless. Why? He told you why. He is incapable of impartial opinion. He always tries to spin information.

Instead of being someone that reports the facts he tries to rewrite facts. Reason 3 he should be fired. A financial firm can ill afford an idiot that makes guesses based on his likes and dislikes rather than cold hard information.

It is a joke he said that MS would announce the $50 price cut at E3 and they didn't but he says he is still credible becuase ads syurfaced 5 weeks later. Idiot, you of all people should know that being right and wrong in the business world can be a mtter of minutes and hours, not weeks. In his way of thinking predictions that have a stated time of effect are still valid no matter when they happen.

If I say MS will stop making the 360 tomorrow, am I still right if they don't stop for 5 years? Seriously Pachter, learn just to shut up.

The funny thing is he gave everyone ample reason to never believe him again. He admitted to a less than truthful practice of deception.


Yeah, i got to side with the Pach-i-nator on this one. Simply put, the guy rocks and makes the boring task of crunching numbers interesting with his commentary on the bonus round each week. Surprisingly, I've never heard of Vh1's Game Break and after this incident, i don't think i care to. The only person who seems to have come off like an idiot is the author of this article for picking on as credible and vocal a source as the Pach-i-nator.

Howard= currently at -4
Pach-i-nator FTW


I wouldn't go with anyone for the win that is an industry outsider, no matter what he thinks of himself, and spins his ANALysis depending on whether a corporation or entity pays him the 'proper respect'.

He isn't the godfather but is instead worng more than right. What he doesn't realize is gamers themselves are about to turn this guy into an industry target just to prove a point about arrogance.

Rob H

Well I don't know Mike personally but I have also seen all these quotes and interviews that he has been doing. I have thought to myself "wow this Mike P guy, why is everyone interviewing him, he does not seem to really have a great track record with these predictions" But guess what, by his own omission it really does not matter, his job is stocks and he does well at that. He just did a interview on gametrailers and explains alot of these interviews and quotes. Anyways, he seems like a good guy. Like Mike I am sure this is one site that I would of never visited unless it was linked from kotaku or n4g or joystiq. So I am guessing you will get lots of traffic from this, but other then that what a useless blog. In fact from this blog, I think we should nominate Harold (Howard) for idiot (not idiot of the week, or month, or even year, just idiot period! The reason for this nomination is he says Mike should only talk to people with money, gamers obviously do not have money so we do not care about money. Well I am a gamer for over 2 decades and I have some money, and I am interested in investing, and I am sure I am not the only one. Anyways keep givin the interviews and quotes Mike, so that idiots like Harold have an excuse for a job!

The Natural

"The main problem that has surfaced was the issue with development limitations due to the Xbox360 factor of no HDD and only standard DVD. Who brought those issues to light? Rockstar. Someone that actually knows. Hence Pachter is wrong...again."

How was that the "main" problem when Rockstar clearly stated that BOTH consoles have their issues in development. If the "main" problem was with the 360 version why was it 2 weeks ahead of the PS3 version? Why has every single piece of media released been from the 360 version of the game? Every single screenshot, video or preview.

When the game was delayed who wouldn't assume the reasons would be from the version that was:
1) Already behind in development
2) Never allowed to be seen by the press
3) Previously known to be difficult to develop for.

Pachter is an analyst he's just looking at the facts then giving his opinion of them based upon that. Any predictions he makes is formulated from data or any insider information he has. Why hate on him because Kotaku values his opinion?

I really need to start a blog called "Hater of the Week", and guess who would be my first selection?


Harold, keep on hammering. This guy is tired of sitting in his cubicle and shows up flapping his mouth. Then he has a fit because you didn't back the repect wagon up to his front door.

Apparently he doesn't like being on the other end of the stick. Tough Pachter. You want to poke you big nose into the limelight and trash talk companies well welcome to the big leagues. You might as well prepare to get it in the mouth when you do things such as publiclly admit to spinning an analysis. Remember, once it starts spinning it isn't analysis, it is just an opinion and yours sucks.

Rock on Harold. He attacks your name when he couldn't attack the facts. And as we know this isn't a guy very fond of facts.


Well natural, has there been a biiger problem stated by Rockstar? How about a more specific problem? No.

2 weeks does not months make. Now you sound like Pachter stating his prediction of a price drop for the 360 at E3 is vaild even if it is after E3. No, he said E3.

Pachter isn't an ana;yst anymore. He admits to spinning the facts for certain people. That makes it an untrustworthly and lopsided opinion, not an analysis.

Killzone 2 wasn't seen by the press for years and it is smoking so that reason doesn't hold water.

That the PS3 is difficult to develop for is a matter of opinion not a fact. You mean it is difficult for some as Free Radical, Ninja Theory, Hideo Kojima, and the guys at CoD4 are all bragging about the tools.

Pachter is a foul ball in the cheap seats, nothing more.

Jack D

Grow up, will you. Both of you.


Woohoo, VH1 agrees with me!

On n4g.com a few days ago, I called Pachter an idiot because he ***speculated*** that GTAIV was delayed because of the ps3. Where does this guy get these crazy ideas?

But I do have to give Pachter credit, he did fess up to his many errors on gametrailers.com.

But Pachter needs to stop making all these off-the-wall predictions (and these gaming sites...like gamespot...and gaming blogs need to stop quoting him like he's the damn gaming Moses).


BTW, good job Harold.

Although I feel somewhat sorry for Pachter, sometimes these analysts need to be put in their place. Dubious 'Awards' like this introduce some well needed accountability into the equation.

The Natural

"Well natural, has there been a biiger problem stated by Rockstar? How about a more specific problem? No."

Rockstar making it known that the PS3 version was behind the 360 version seems like a greater problem than the space issues with the 360. Even with these limitations they were able to provide the gaming press with fully playable missions, the same cannot be said about the PS3 version.

"2 weeks does not months make. Now you sound like Pachter stating his prediction of a price drop for the 360 at E3 is vaild even if it is after E3. No, he said E3."

How do you know Microsoft didn't tell him directly "we will announce a price drop at E3" then change their mind? No one is always EXACTLY by day and date. He predicted a price drop that we all know if forthcoming sooner than later.

"Pachter isn't an ana;yst anymore. He admits to spinning the facts for certain people. That makes it an untrustworthly and lopsided opinion, not an analysis."

Never seen him state this anywhere but if he has then your negativity towards his opinions are justified.

"Killzone 2 wasn't seen by the press for years and it is smoking so that reason doesn't hold water."

Killzone 2 was developed solely for the PS3. We all know the majority of PS3 multi-platform games have not reached the quality of their 360 counterparts. This is fact, look at the review scores. There is a reason why Rockstar showed only one version of the game to the press.

"That the PS3 is difficult to develop for is a matter of opinion not a fact. You mean it is difficult for some as Free Radical, Ninja Theory, Hideo Kojima, and the guys at CoD4 are all bragging about the tools."

They are the minority not the majority, the number of devs stating the difficulty of PS3 development outnumber those who "brag about the tools". Don't take my word on it there are more than enough interviews on the net that back that up.

Anyways going back and forth like this is pretty silly, it's just giving this no name blog more hits that it ever garnered on actual news, which is exactly what Mr.Goldberg intended when he wrote this piece. If the gaming press is interested in Pachter's analysis and insider information he provides then why attack his name? You should be looking at those who continue to seek his opinions.


It's nice that people are taking time to read my comments on n4g! I wouldn't say that Patcher is an idiot per se, but in general it seems like he's out of touch with what's really happening in the industry - he just sees dollars and cents. I think there's a place for that, but it doesn't resonate with gamers. I'd much rather hear what Keighly, Croal, Sessler, or any number of other pundit-gamers have to say.


The fact of the matter is that he knows this business better than most, at least the business side of things and he has many valid points. But the thing that everyone seems to fail to see is that many of his comments are his own personal opinions which he is entitled to. Just because you disagrees with his point of view or his predictions doesnt mean he should be crusified. HE IS AN ANALYST, his job is to try and predict where stocks in the industry are headed so he has to speculate and put things together before they happen. That's not easy.


Jeepers. A bunch of Sony fanboys if I've ever seen. He says one thing that disparages yout poor PS3 and the knives come out. Lemme guess, next time he says something nasty about the 360 he's going to be your hero of the week?

I don't like Analysts, most don't know a darn thing about games, but at least Michael Pachter seems to have a better handle on a complicated industry.

While VH1 I guess has the right to publish whatever they like, this will be the first and last time I read drivel from Howard.


2 weeks behind on development is nothing when you have an agreement to release at the same time. If you worked in Game Development like some of us you would know that two weeks isn't spent making major implementations but is rather used for bug squashing the beta before it is sent for certification with the publisher Q&A. Two weeks behind? Pffft. That is nothing compared to not being able to fitr the game onto a DVD and not being able to have seamless level loading - which was Roickstar's goal. Win - me.

The fact that Killzone 2 is solely a PS3 title does nothing, NOTHING to disqualify the truth. You just didn't like having the facts stuck in your face that just because a game isn't seen by the public it must be in trouble. A lot of games are not seen by the public whe the financing is good. Thne dev team can afford to work quietly and not spend time doing trade shows to appease investors of the publisher. Once again, you know squat about a firld I have worked in for years.

You just can't satnd the fact some devs take the time to learn new programming techniques and when they do the PS3 wallops people soundly. We just started working with it and we are amazed. GARW2 was ported to the PS3 in a matter of months from a dead standstill and what will you see. A game that looks better, has better physics, better particle effects, 14 more maps than the original, 8 new weapons, and a new MP mode. It hasn't been difficult at all.

As soon as I name several devs suddenly they are a minority. Somebody doesn't like proof.

As regarding the last guy, Pachter is an idiot no matter what console he is slamming when he slams them with an intentional distortion of the facts. Something he admits to and he even states on video that such directions in his comments are determined by which companies that pay him proper respect. So I don't care who he is pimping, he is a pimp period.

The fact he is an analyst expressing a personal opinion is tripe. It doesn't excuse him at all. It's like saying John Madden can make comments about football but because he wasn't acting in an analyst capacity, he can say what he wants and for the most petty of reasons as his comments are different from his analysis and everyone understands they are different. No. What is worse is with Pachter money is moved around and often lost because he shoots his mouth off with an 'opinion' that is by his own admission biased.

Pachter is making these comments and offering an opinion, an act which is also part of his job - though he is actually paid to be objective. There is no differentiation that he is on his own time and own dime when he is flailing his tonsils. The impact of remarks is the same as if he were offering an analysis - which as already clarified he is incapable of doing because he admits on video to distorting the facts. In fact he only gets quoted in the press when he is making these off hand remarks and the press always makes it out to be an analytical report.

He loves the limelight and it strokes his ego. Better enjoy it while he can because the gaming public is on to him and getting fed up. I wouldn't let an opinionated person touch my money. I need analysis, not an outsider angry at people that wouldn't kiss his feet. MWB should drop the guy.

So if Pachter were slamming the 360 - which I also own and own more titles for than the PS3, I would be here typing the same thing.


Uh, wow.

Okay, so what I've gotten from this conversation is that this guy is an idiot because he made a guess that is part of his job. He makes guesses based on his view of the economy. People seem to like his guesses so they interview him. This makes him an idiot?

I can see why the PS3 might bring GTAIV down a bit, I mean I wouldn't know if it's true, but it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. From what I have seen about the game, I haven't heard anything about the PS3 version anyway, besides the fact that it's not getting the additional content.

But hey, who cares if he's wrong? It's just a game industry, and if people like him but he turns out to be wrong, does that make him an idiot? No! It makes him incorrect, which is far removed from idiot.

Besides, this blog--and it's writer--are poor knock offs of a poor network anyway, which choppy, childish writing structure and uninteresting posts. So if I hadn't followed a link here, I wouldn't care.

Who wants the limelight? The writer of this blog, for attacking people as VH1 in general has a point of doing.

Sugar Acid Trip

Pachter makes mistakes, he admitted that clearly in the latest episode of BONUS ROUND. His focus is on the business side of things, so his opinions regarding to games are just that, opinions as good as anyone else. Though I did find his facts regarding putting a positive spin on Microsoft-related issues rather disconcerting. Well whatever, good games are coming out and that's all I really care about anyway (yay for Bioshock, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Halo 3, PGR4, COD4, Assassin's Creed, Too Human, Virtua Fighter 5, etc.etc.....good time to be a 360 owner haha. If only they would announce MGS4 for the 360 already, then no need for me to pick up a PS3).


Patcher sucks...you guys suck..this blog sucks


Patcher sucks...you guys suck..this blog sucks


Pachter may be the idiot of the week, but howard is the idiot of the year.

Morganfell, you're an idiot too. Business men don't trust one analyst, or all analysts. There's something called "Bayesian Statistic's", where you asign probabilities of truth in Pachter's words. He has had good ones, and he is allowed to make mistakes; even financial ones. In the end it's not Pachter's responsibility.

He also makes bets for the company he works; if he made that particular company NO MONEY AT ALL, or worse, lost money he didn't own, then by all means he would have been fired already. WHo the hell do you think you are to assume what his bosses do? For a reason you're not part of those businessmen you talk about.

And just because he gives a positive spin, it doesn't mean his credibility should diminish. Why? Because he is positive with every manufacturer, which means he is neutral (not a fanboy), but he has a positive outlook on the industry; and with good reason, since everyone pretty much forecasts industry growth.

You morons love to criticize analysts, but do you wonder why most of you wish to be payed what Pachter gets paid? Even if you were paid more, it doesn't mean you can be an analyst. I'm sure you'd do a lot worse in Pachter's shoes than Pachter himself.

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